Being Held Hostage By Phone and Internet Provider

Being Held Hostage By Phone and Internet ProviderBeing Held Hostage By Phone and Internet Provider.  Warning, this post is going to be a rant about how I am being held hostage by my Phone and Internet provider – Windstream.

I have been having issues with the internet and phone service since December 11, 2017. They “repaired” the service several times over the next few weeks.

PLUS I went almost the whole month of January waiting for a service technician to come to my house to “fix” it yet again.

I guess this is the downfall I have to endure to live in small town USA. Windstream is the only phone and internet provider in my area unless you want to switch everything to a cell phone and no I don’t want to do that. So it’s like I am being held hostage by them because there is no one else and they no there is no one else.

I have been calling and emailing them since Dec. 11, 2017. The tech shows up yesterday to “upgrade me” to a 50Mbps download and 4Mbps upload. I have had this phone and internet for over three years now and it was the same speed (25MbpsDL and 4Mbps UL) on the internet for all of that time period up to Dec. 11. On Dec. 11, 2017, the internet upload speed dropped to less than 1Mbps. Previously back before Christmas but only after numerous calls and emails, a technician came out and said the wires in the jack were backward and he rewired them and “Fixed” it. Even though the wires in the jack were there from when THEY hooked it up three years ago and it worked without a flaw. But no that did not fix the problem.

All I am asking is that what I am paying for to please work. Sometime two or three weeks ago in one of my emails, I said that the bill comes each month and you guys meaning Windstream expect the full payment, but I said how is that fair for me to have to keep paying for something I am not getting? They finally told me to call the billing department and they would adjust the bill. I pay over $100 per month for my phone and internet. So I called today after receiving my bill for the full amount as it comes every month.

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The lady on the line said that it was not company policy to adjust bills, since I did, in fact, have internet service – no matter if it wasn’t what I was paying for – that they would not adjust the bill. The best that she would do was to take a $10.00 one time surcharge fee off that was added because he had to switch out the modem. I laughed at that offer and told her I would adjust my bill when I got the next one and use their logic back in their face. It is not my policy to pay full price for something that I am getting less than 1/2 of what I am supposed to be getting. I kinda wished I lived somewhere that would have two or three or more companies so a customer didn’t feel like they being held, hostage.




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  1. You have my sympathy. We too feel we’re being pushed into a cellular phone and internet service. Good luck with the problem fixing.

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