Deep Cave Spelunking Turns Bad

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A church took its youth group on a weekend outing. Deep Cave Spelunking Turns Bad. It took a few hours to drive to the state park where the caves are.

They planned to camp for the weekend and go on a guided spelunking cave tour. It’s not for the faint of heart especially if you have a fear of tight places.

The trails these guides take you on are pretty serious.

They finally arrived at the state park, and they decided to put up the tents first. Then they unloaded the wood they brought for the campfire. Also, they got the grill ready to cook on because it was almost dinner time.

There was about an hour before dinner time so some of the youths decided to walk down to the Putt-Putt course they had seen on their way into the park. When they finished playing they headed back to camp and ate.

It was getting late now so they all went to bed. They were wanting to get an early start the next morning. The spelunking tour is on schedule to start at 10:00 AM. When they woke up they fixed and ate their breakfast.

After breakfast, they all decided to get their gear ready to go on the spelunking tour. Spelunking or sometimes called caving is a kind of recreation that lets people explore caves.

It’s not the traditional walk/hike through a cave that most people have done. This is a lot more demanding, I would advise against it if you have a fear of tight places. They require people to wear some safety gear to go on a spelunking tour.

Deep Cave Spelunking Turns Bad

The challenge with caving/spelunking sometimes varies according to the cave being visited. In addition to the total darkness beyond the entrance, it will often include the negotiation of pitches, squeezes, and water hazards.

This tour requires participants to have a helmet,  gloves, boots, knee pads, old clothes, and a flashlight. They met the tour guide at the entrance of the cave.

The youths joined hands and prayed before entering the cave. The first thing you realize when you enter is that it is cold and dark inside. This tour was going to lead them over ledges and through tight squeezes. There was also going to be a water crossing too.

As they descended into the cave some of the youth had taken an interest in the tour guide. This would prove to be a good idea later on in the tour. This tour was going to last about four hours with a couple of breaks mixed in too.

And then it happened

The tour had been going for about two hours when all of the sudden the ground began to tremor and shake you could also hear rocks falling. There was a great swoosh of air that blew over the group apparently, it was caused by a huge rock that fell.

The guide made sure no one was lost or got hurt. In the years that he has been doing this, he said, “I have never been spelunking and lost anyone.”

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