Met the Girl of my Dreams

Met the Girl of my DreamsMet the Girl of my Dreams the other night. I was out at the local bar having a few drinks the other night. And in walked this woman that was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

She walked right up to me and we started talking and soon we were laughing and having a good time. Her name was Cosima which I later learned meant Of the universe. 

She told me that she had just got into town. She said she didn’t know anybody and that I looked sweet and innocent so she came up to me. I asked her where she had come from but she didn’t say. And I just let it go as maybe she had a bad break-up wherever it was she was from and she didn’t want to talk about it.

We ended up dating for a few months and all was great I was beginning to fall in love with her and she was falling in love with him. You didn’t see one of us without seeing the other. We were inseparable I swear I think she was my soulmate. We went out to dinner one night and on this particular night, her accent was drawing me ever so close but was one I had never heard before it was captivating.

Met the Girl of my Dreams

We were discussing different places and I asked her where she was from and this time without hesitation, she said, “I am from the planet Peyter.” I said, “Um Where?” And she repeated herself and I must have looked like I was in shock, which I was but she asked if I was alright. I finally came to my senses and shook my head yes.

She proceeded to tell me about Peyter and it sounded a lot like Earth but cleaner as far as pollution goes. I was sitting there thinking to myself that this was just my luck. I meet the girl of my dreams and she is an alien.

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