The Dead in the Pond

The Dead in the Pond

The Dead in the Pond is about bodies being discovered in ponds across five counties.

It was 1971 and a chilly night in October.

A mother was in labor upstairs in a run-down house she was about to give birth to one of the most feared men to ever walk on earth.

Sam was born a few minutes past midnight. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father blamed him for her death.

The father told the midwife to take the child away or he would kill it. So she bundled the child up and headed out to bring the baby to the hospital. Sam’s father wanted nothing to do with him. He made it known that Sam was the reason that his wife had died and that he wanted nothing to do with the child.

John gave up his rights to the child. His mother’s sister took Sam in. Janie adopted Sam she was his mother’s sister. She lived just a few minutes from where Sam was born. This child was something evil. Because Sam was evil the whole time while he was growing up he would have fits of rage burst out of nowhere.

He started killing the neighborhood pets. In addition, to killing them he was torturing them before they died. Sam had even been drinking their blood. Sam’s adoptive mother took him to a psychiatric hospital and admitted him. He was now at the age of 16.

And was a handful even for the trained staff of the psychiatric hospital. So they constantly had to restrain him and was using some unconventional types of treatments on him.

The Dead in the Pond – Creating a Monster

Electroshock therapy and the use of experimental drugs was part of the treatments. But instead of following state and federal guidelines, the psychiatrist, that administered the electroshock therapy would juice it up.

And he did so just to see what the results would be and how much pain Sam could take. So Sam never once asked for mercy.  He essentially was creating a monster. They would take Sam back to his room after using him as a test animal. And would restrain him to his bed.

When he recovered he figured out how to remove his restraints, and somehow got a hold of a scalpel. The nurse decided to leave his door unlocked for some unknown reason. He decided it would be better to wait until it was almost morning time when he knew the psychiatrist would be in his office.


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  1. Ahh, this is so good! For a second, I had to do a double-check that this wasn’t about a real person — it felt so true to life, that I was getting legitimately scared about where this guy is now! LOL!

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