What Is Your Strategy to Stay Out of Hell

What Is Your Strategy to Stay Out of HellWhat Is Your Strategy to Stay Out of Hell? Does Hell really exist? The answer is yes, according to the Bible, God’s breathed words.

The Bible tells speaks of the reality of Hell the same as the reality of Heaven Rev 20:14; Revelation 20:15; Rev 21:1; Rev 21:2. Jesus spent more time warning people of Hell than comforting them with the hope of  Heaven. 

The concept of a real, conscious, forever-and-ever existence in Hell. Is just as biblical as a real, conscious, forever-and-ever existence in Heaven. Trying to separate them is simply not possible from a biblical standpoint.

People often think of Heaven as a real place but denounce the existence of Hell. This just wishful thinking. It is easy to believe in a nice pleasant place to spend the after-life. But hard to think about damnation. A condemnation of eternal punishment in hell. This despite the clear teachings of Heaven and Hell in the Holy Bible.

hell really exists

Thanks in part to Hollywood. The rejection of the existence of hell can also be blamed on inaccurate assumptions. The assumptions about what Hell is. Hell is frequently imagined as a burning wasteland. Or a dungeon full of cauldrons and pitchforks, or an underground city filled with ghosts and goblins. The common depictions of Hell often involve a flaming torture chamber or spiritual jail cells. Where evil things reside and where good things travel to battle evil. This version of Hell does not exist. But there is a real place called Hell, but it is not the image most people think of. Certain details about Hell are given in the Bible, but those details do not match the popular myths.

We know that Hell was originally intended for demonic spirits, not people (Matthew 25:41). Hell is where the unquenchable fire is. It is a place that we as humans cannot imagine would exist. Even if we do imagine Hell, it is far worse place than we can ever imagine. It is a place that the Bible makes very clear is real and eternal. And is to be avoided at all costs Matthew 5:29; Matthew 5:30.

What Is Your Strategy to Stay Out of Hell?

I have believed this quote by Albert Camus my entire life. I’d rather live my life believing God does exist. Then to die finding out he doesn’t than live as if he doesn’t and find out he does. This is my strategy.

Because by the time you die it will be too late. By then you will find out that Heaven and Hell are very real. After you die there are no second chances of salvation. While the idea of second chances for salvation is appealing. The Bible is very clear that death is the end of all chances. (Hebrews 9:27) tells us that we die, and then face judgment. So, as long as a person is alive, he or she has a second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. chance to accept Jesus Christ and be saved from eternal damnation.

hell really exists

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